Scholar Athlete of the Week: T'ara Ceasar

By Brianna MacNaught |

Published 10/23 2016 11:51PM

Updated 10/26 2016 02:49PM

"I saw T in middle school, I believe she was in 6th grade and at that time I knew she was going to be something special," said Mosley Volleyball Coach, Michelle Mask.

And it wasn't long before T'ara also knew her love for volleyball was something special.

"I remember my very first emotions when we lost and I started crying and we just knew I was serious about volleyball," said T'ara Ceasar.

So she worked while others slept in order to become the very best.

"When I was younger, the house that we stayed in I used to go outside in the morning and serve the ball on the side of the house and it was sand so it was basically my workout area," said T'ara.

Several years later, and her hard work is noticed.

"She's a great leader. The girls all look up to her, even the younger girls. They look at her and they see her as a role model and she is truly deserving to wear the Mosley uniform," said Coach Mask.

That leadership mindset stems from her family, but more specifically her older brother.

"His ambition to play though he doesn't play anymore, he was always one of the better players and I remember always saying I want to be one of the better players and I want to be someone that everyone looks up to, Now to this day, even though he doesn't play anymore I still look up to him," said T'ara.

That role model behavior extends beyond the court as she also leads her peers in the classroom with a 3.8 unweighted GPA while taking a larger course load in order to graduate early and she says its simple.

"Pay attention, do your homework, don't goof off. There's a time to have fun and theres a time to be serious especially when it comes time to your work, your homework, and your GPA," said T'ara.

Earlier this season T'ara tore her ACL, which cut her high school volleyball career short but that has only made the hardworking athlete become stronger.

"I'm in a different role now. Normally I'm on the court inspiring people and now I'm off the court telling my teammates hey do this, fix this, though I'm still their peer its not like I'm critiquing them i just want them to be better," said T'ara.

As for her volleyball career, it is far from over as she plans to play for the Division-I Georgia Bulldogs next year and her coach thinks that is just one more stop for the talented athlete.

"I mean I don't think Georgia is the last stop for her, I think we are going to see T for many many years to come," said Coach Mask.

As for her home, it is where her heart will always be.

"I will always remember Panama City, its the place where I grew up and its the place where I learned to play volleyball. I will never forget it and I thank everyone who has supported me here and has gotten me this far," said T'ara.

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