Scholar Athlete of the Week: Rashard Lucas

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Fourteen years ago, Rashard Lucas was handed his first bat and glove from one of his biggest role models.

"My dad first introduced me to it, t-ball," said Bay High Senior, Rashard Lucas.

His speed was quickly noticed and his passion was found.

"I always used to hit inside the park homeruns all the time, I was always called 'the fast guy'," said Rashard.

Fast forward to his senior year at Bay High and those inside the park homeruns have turned into bombers.

"I'm just pumped, you cant wait to get out there on the field and make something happen, make plays for your team," said Rashard.

That positive energy is contagious as his teammates see him as a leader.

"He just plays the game hard. He comes out here every day. He has the swag about him that other kids migrate to him and other kids look up to him," said Bay High's Head Baseball Coach, Andrew Starr.

And Rashard takes pride in that role.

As he leads not only the baseball team, but also the basketball, and football team.

"You just have to be the guy that everyone looks up to, set the right example, do things right, and be a leader," said Rashard.

It's not just on the three different sport teams that Rashard sets the tone.

He also leads by example in the classroom as he maintains a 3.1 GPA.

"School is always first. You cant go anywhere without the grades. No matter how good you are you cant go anywhere without the grades," said Rashard.

Fourteen years later, Rashard is just trying to repay the role models who made him who he is today.

"I always what to make my mom and dad proud. They gave me so much I just want to return them," said Rashard.

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