Scholar Athlete of the Week: Ellory Fuqua

MARIANNA, Fla - Six years ago Ellory Fuqua found herself on the sidelines of a Marianna middle school football game as she cheered for her bulldogs she felt a passion that she couldn't understand.

"Back to 7th grade, we were really good at football and we didn't lose a game and then my 8th grade year we actually lost twice and I remember being so upset and I was like why am I so upset but then I realized I loved it that much that I was that upset," said Marianna Senior, Ellory Fuqua.

Fast forward to her Senior year and she still cheers on her bulldogs but after the game she doesn't celebrate with the team.

Instead, she is writes an article for the local paper.

"Every Friday night after the games, I would go home, couldn't hang out with my friends, so I would go home and I was on deadline and it had to be in by midnight so it could go in the Saturday paper," said Ellory.

In Ellory's eyes she has to make the sacrifices now in order to get to where she wants to be.

"I really want to do what you're doing right now, to cover high school sports, and maybe someday cover college. I just think that its important because it all starts here so you got to do good in order to get where I am going," said Ellory.

The trailblazer continues to turn heads every day.

"In my 20 year career i have never been another girl student that has the interest that she does. She's a SportsCenter fanatic. She will tell me every morning what happened last night. She wants to do what you're doing now and she has certainly set herself up for that," said Marianna's Athletic Director, John Donaldson.

Ellory still manages to maintain a 4.64 GPA while she studies college level courses.

"All of us are student athletes so your obviously a student first so if you don't maintain a good GPA then you cant be an athlete so in my book your studies come first," said Ellory.

Next year Ellory will continue to be on the sidelines but this time at the college level and she will trade in her pom poms for a camera and microphone as she continues to pave the way for female sportscasters everywhere.

"I know just as much as they do and just because I am a female doesn't make me less than they are and I am out to prove that," said Ellory.

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