Scholar Athlete of the Week: CJ Turner

LYNN HAVEN, Fla - Mosley Senior, CJ Turner found his first true passion at seven years old.

"I remember it was in a church league and we were playing and I picked up that basketball and shot it and made it. I found out instantly that was my love for the game," said Mosley Senior, CJ Turner.

Several years later that passion has molded into a lifestyle as he helps lead the Mosley Dolphins to success on the basketball court.

"He stepped in immediately and took on that leadership role and i told him, we had a sit down, about being a coach on the floor and that is what he does for us," said Mosley Basketball Head Coach, Leland Loper.

"One of the qualities that every team needs is a leader and I just took on that role," said Turner.

And his leadership extends beyond just the court. CJ also sets the tone in the classroom as he maintains a 4.25 GPA and his secret to success is simple.

"Hard work, stick with it, if you don't understand something go to the teacher and ask or get help, don't just sit there and not know anything. You have to pay attention also," said Turner.

That mindset stems from his parents who taught him hard work ethic at a young age.

"It was always, hit the books then you can do whatever you want. So it was just dedication because I always wanted to get into the gym," said Turner.

But at the end of the day school comes before basketball for CJ because he understands the importance of education.

"You always have to have a second plan so my first plan is academics then basketball because if you don't have basketball then you are an injury away without academics so you always have to have academics, that is the most important thing," said Turner.

As for CJ's next step in life, he plans on going to college and majoring in either computer science or engineering.

As for the Mosley dolphins basketball squad, they will be missing a true leader next season.

"Coming in with a kid that has that tenacity, that drive, that he is always on time, never been late to anything and just has his priorities in line. That is why you know it trickles down from the classroom onto the court so hopefully I have some of these young guys that are looking up to him," said Coach Loper.

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