Local Softball Star Goes Viral for Inspirational Homerun

VERNON, Fla - A video of a local softball star has recently gone viral on Facebook.

Everyone meet Jewel, a 7th grader at Vernon middle school who has created quite the sensation.

"Around school i heard you were pretty popular and you sign autographs. "I do," said Jewel Vincent, a 7th grader at Vernon Middle School.

"She is a celebrity and they are her body guards," said Jewel's Head Coach, Heather Brinkmeier.

Her bodyguards being her teammates but to her teammates Jewel is their inspiration.

"She means the world to me. She is like a little sister," said Jewel's teammate, Abby Hazard.

"She is just fun to be around and i really enjoy that," said Jewel's teammate, Bailey Hall.

But it wasn't always home runs and high fives for Jewel.

At 18 months old they found out Jewel had several holes in her heart and had to undergo major surgery.

"They gave her like a 25-30 percent chance to make it even with the surgery and that she would be on oxygen the rest of her life," said Jewel's mom, Betty Dybdal.

More than a decade later, Jewel continues to defy the odds as she uses her own breath to make sure her team is doing everything right.

"What is your favorite thing to do? Coach," said Jewel.

"If she sees them not doing it right she will stop everything and put their hands right and their feet right and if they don't get it in a split second they are going to run or do pushups," said Coach Brinkmeier.

And at the end of the day whether its dancing with her teammates or hitting more home runs Jewel will continue to thrive in the face of adversity.

"There should be no kid in any school that should feel like for any reason they cant play because she has just proven everything wrong," said Coach Brinkmeier.

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