IndyCar Racer Visits Panama City to Speak With Families Affected With Diabetes

Published 10/22 2016 12:59AM

Updated 10/22 2016 12:59AM

The Panhandle had a special visitor on Thursday: Charlie Kimball, the first licensed IndyCar series driver with diabetes, speaking at Bill Cramer Chevrolet.

He's been traveling the country in conjunction with Novo-Nordisk speaking with students and parents affected by diabetes.

His message: with the right tools and the right management, even with diabetes, you can still live your dreams - it shouldn't slow you down.

It sure hasn't slowed Kimball down. He's finished in the top twenty in the IndyCar series every year since joining.

He just had his best career finish in 2016, coming in 9th overall in the series.

He explains why he's driven to travel around spreading his message.

"I love what I do. I love being in the racecar. And Diabetes is along for the ride every second of every race. So being able to share my story and hopefully inspiring the next generation to live their dreams is very fulfilling,” Kimball says, “Becuase racing is honestly very selfish. There's one driver, there's one winner, and while it's a team sport, it's important for me to have that balance and support the diabetes community as much as they've supported me."

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