Coach Greg Jordan Explains Decision to Leave Blountstown and Go to Port St. Joe

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. - Now it's official – Greg Jordan is the new Head Football Coach at Port St. Joe.

Three days ago, he was the coach at his Alma-mater Blountstown and coming off a State Runner-Up finish.


According to coach Jordan, he made the decision over Christmas break that this past season would be his last at Blountstown regardless of any other openings.

After over a decade coaching the Tigers, he says didn't want to overstay his welcome in Blountstown.

He adds the two jobs – Blountstown and Port St. Joe – were isolated situations, and the timing was right for the Port St. Joe job to fall into his lap, with former Shark Coach John Palmer resigning because of health concerns.

He says the decision to leave Blountstown, his Alma-mater and hometown, was difficult, but it's a career step he feels he needed to take.


"I was here 12 years, and we played 144 football games and were 105-39 in those games,” Coach Jordan says, “I had a lot of great kids, had a lot of great memories. I was blessed to be able to coach both of my boys in two State Championship games here, and a lot of other great kids as well. And it was a very tough decision to leave, but at some point I didn't want to over-stay my welcome here, and get to the point where they run you out, and it was important to me to be able to leave on my own."

This creates a unique situation where the team being taken over doesn't need a rebuild from the bottom. Port St. Joe is obviously a great program already, and they were one half away from beating Blountstown in the Regional Finals last year.

The two teams are well known rivals sitting atop Class 1A – it's been either the Tigers or the Sharks in the Final Four every year since 2013.

Obviously Coach Jordan is familiar with his new team and athletic program, and he's excited to get there and continuing the tradition.


"I've competed against them for the better part of 20 years in baseball and football,” he says, “I've played them 17 times since I've been up here in 2006 as head coach, so a lot of familiarity with those guys, and I know how competitive and supportive the community is, and I look forward to joining in and building something great."

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