Brotherly Love Helps Lead Mosley Baseball

LYNN HAVEN, Fla - "It's awesome because I have him out here on the field and I have him at regular life and its pretty much just perfect," said Mosley Sophomore, Drew Yeager.

Go to any Mosley baseball game and you will hear the name Yeager.

For brothers RJ and Drew, baseball has been their whole life.

"Growing up, Drew was always the little kid running around with a bat that is not on the team and hes just younger than everybody," said Mosley Senior, RJ Yeager.

"It was every single weekend, no breaks. 24-7," said Drew.

All of that time on the field has lead to this season.

When the two brothers are finally on the same team.

Both holding down the fort in the infield for the national ranked, Mosley Dolphins.

They've pretty much been the best middle infield that I've ever coached," said Mosley Baseball Head Coach, Jon Hudson.

That is thanks to some good ol' fashion brotherly love.

"The first couple of games I was nervous but he always tells me all of the time to just focus on other things and don't worry about it and keep going to the next one," said Drew.

"Having him there at second base is kind of relaxing to me because I know what he is going to do before he even does,"said RJ.

RJ is the Senior starting shortstop and his younger brother Drew, is the Sophomore starting second baseman.

Between the two, they've made it nearly impossible for opposing batters to find success up the middle.

"Balls are hit in the middle of the field. Between the two of them I think they've made 7 errors all year long. Its about a 970 defense percentage for those two guys. Its just unheard of for 97 percent of the ground balls to be fielded correctly. I think double plays, its got to be close to a team record. Its really anchored our defense," said Coach Hudson.

As for those double plays, when you share the same blood there's a certain chemistry and trust that goes with it.

"Perfect you know. Its when I throw that ball across the field its like 'wooo' I'm ready to roll," said Drew.

"I think when I threw it to first base i was like sweet, I like that, I can do that," said RJ.

Next year the infield will be a little different at Harry A. Frank. RJ is going to Mercer University and Drew will be a junior trying to keep up the Yeager legacy at Mosley.

"My advice to him is to keep working hard, you can never work hard enough," said RJ.

"Yeah we compliment each other well. He's better than me now but that just pushes me to keep going further and further and further," said Drew.

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