21 Teams in 21 Days - Bozeman Bucks

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Now we head into our second week of high school football practice, as well as our second week of 21 Teams and 21 Days.

We continue our coverage now with the final team in Panama City, the Bozeman Bucks.

They’re first 1A team we've covered so far – Bozeman went 5-5 in 2016 and 5-4 the year before. They’ll be trying to break above the five win mark this season.

Bozeman will be relying heavily on ten seniors, and as with any other team it all starts with the quarterback.

Taking the snaps will be Taylor Strickland in his first full year as starter. The 6’2’’ senior got some time last Fall filling in for injury.

There are two seniors on the offensive line in Erik Otano and Adrian Nava and then the two play-makers Hugh Jones and Cameron Hofmeister.

The Bucks are young on the defensive side of the ball, and will be playing a lot of sophomores. The leaders of the D will be middle linebacker Curtis Earnest and cornerback Tristan Tiller.

In coach Lyle Messer's Bozeman career so far, he's taken this team from a one-win team to a five-win team, but now he says the bucks are looking for more.

"As a coaching staff, we do our best to teach, to always be coaching these kids, to have relationships with them, and hopefully through that we can get these kids to change their mindset and change the culture,” Coach Messer says, “The end product, we would love nothing more than to continue building this thing and become something better than we've always been. It's baby steps. This will be my fourth year, and we've definitely made progress, but we're not nowhere near where we would all want to be."

Tomorrow on 21 Teams in 21 Days, we will preview the Walton Braves.

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