Young girl with a terminal disease has special night with father at Girls Inc. Princess Ball

By Tiffany Jackson |

Published 08/27 2016 11:32PM

Updated 08/27 2016 11:32PM

Saturday night in Panama City Beach, it was little girls' night out. Many memories were made for fathers and daughters at the 11th annual Princess Ball benefiting Girls Inc.
It was a party fit for royalty.
Hundreds of princesses took over the Majestic Beach Towers for a special night out with their princes.
"Girls and their dads, they get just a few special moments before they don't want anything to do with dad. They reach that age and then it takes another ten years before they want anything to do with mom and dad and so this is that chance to get in those special moments," said Niki Kelly, Girls Inc. Executive Director.
Most fathers were just trying to keep up with their little dancing queens on the dance floor, but for some, it was the other way around.
One duo in this sea of tiaras, got the surprise of the lifetime.
"It's a good opportunity while she can still express her words and still walk and talk and have a good time for her to be her and shine and show her personality and enjoy that moment with her daddy," said Jessica Davis, Meredith's Mother.
Meredith Kate has a terminal genetic disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome.
"So they are born typical and they slowly, they're brains slowly build up protein and so overtime it degenerates and causes brain damage," said Davis.
It's a rare disease that means she likely won't live past her teenage years, but Saturday night none of that mattered. Meredith was just a princess dancing with her prince.
"If we could get the DJ to say a little something and just have them have a father daughter dance because she's not going to have the opportunity to have a wedding and to have a father daughter dance," said Davis.

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