Young Boy Receives Kidney Transplant

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - A Lynn Haven mother has given her son a gift he will never forget, a healthy kidney. JD Stark was born with only one kidney and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease last year. 
After many benefits to support the surgery as well as prayers from the community, he has finally received a healthy one from his mother Angela Stark. So far, everything seems to be going well post-operation. 
"The hospital's coming in and nurses coming in and out, you know but they did really good though! Nothing's really bothering us too bad" said JD's Mother, Angela Stark.  
However, that was not always the case and there were some complications initially after surgery on JD's end. "When they got him out of surgery and into recovery, they saw there was a blood clot and so he had to go back into surgery again and they had to go in again and fix that. But he hasn't had any issues since then" said Stark.  
Despite some of those post operation difficulties, JD continues to get stronger everyday. "He's doing better the last few days, he's been eating more and drinking more water and you know they stopped his fluids and stuff like that so he's very very active, like nothing happened" Stark said. 
Over the past couple of months, the family held quite a few benefits to help pay for the medical bills and surgery costs. The Stark family said they are very thankful for those individuals and community members who helped them through this tough time. 

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