WMBB Gives Back on Nexstar Media's Founder's Day


It goes without saying that the most basic expression of humanity comes from helping others.

The company that owns our station, Nexstar Media Group, Inc. feels strongly about giving back.

On Friday was our founder's day, and 50 plus employees spent the morning and afternoon sprucing up the Bay County Boys and Girls Club in Panama City.

"It's an honor to be here to be able to help them put the grounds together so the kids have a safe place to come and play, and eat their breakfast and lunch, so we're really honored that they allowed us to come and share our community project from our company Nexstar," said WMBB/News13 Evening Anchor Amy Hoyt.

The staff worked up a sweat by also spreading new mulch on the playground, and plucking weeds from the sandy volleyball court.

Junior staff member Elijah Wright appreciates the labor of love.

"I like how y'all help around, because our volleyball court was like all grassy, we didn't get to play volleyball that much," said Wright.

CEO Hank Hill said the organization is thankful.

"The most important thing about our community are the people that live in it, and certainly we are excited about being the recipient of all the volunteer hours from you guys," said Hill.

Hill said the kids involved in the club understand the importance of donating their time.

"We certainly have teenagers that get involved and help around the club a lot, we call them junior staff and they do a fantastic job of giving back to an organization that's trying to serve them," said Wright.

Junior staff member Adrian Culver is also learning how to help others.

"You take out trash you pick up trash, and you like clean up stuff.....me and my friends, we're also a part of the junior staff, so we help each other a lot," said Culver.

It's a lesson our WMBB employees hope to share.

"It feels great, I love kids and being able to come out and help them - they're the future of our communities so being able to help them do something that they love doing - I'm sure they love being out here on the playground, so it's awesome," said WMBB/News13 Morning Reporter.

This is our station's 2nd year participating in the founder's days service project.

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