Washington County Couple's Mini Horse Mauled by Dog

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. - Horse owners in Washington County are speaking out after a disturbing discovery on their pasture.

Tom and Candy Price are left devastated after they found their 10-year-old mini horse mauled by a dog at their home in Greenhead.

"To me I felt like I had a reasonable right to keep my animals safe on my own property. And I can't do that now," said Candy Price.

On February 19th, the couple said they returned to their home on Faint Trail after attending Sunday service, and going grocery shopping.

Candy said she stumbled upon a helpless pitbull in her barn while trying to feed the animals.

But she said she would later find out the dog was part of the animal attack.

"I spent all this time trying to help this dog, before we found the horse," said Candy.

Their horse 'Patches' was found bloody and on the verge of collapsing.

"What had happened at that time with Patch was he was going to go down, he was going down. So we took a furniture pad and we took it out that way he could lay down," said Tom Price.

The Prices called an animal control officer, a Washington County Sheriff's deputy, and a local veterinarian.

But the damage was already done.

"The veterinarian told us that [with] Patches' injuries - he would not recover. There would be too much nerve damage, and he recommended that we have him put down," said Tom.

Both Patches and the pitbull died, and since the incident the Price's said they've contacted the owners looking for the dog. 

They even buried it not too far away from Patches' grave.

"We walked him up to the back pasture, showed him where the grave was," said Tom.

But the Prices believe the dog wasn't alone.

According to a report by the Washington County Animal Services, the Prices believe two other dogs were involved and belong to owners not too far away from their home.

"If these dogs were capable of taking down a 350-pound horse, what happens to my neighbors that live on the hill?" said Tom.

Washington County Animal services are still investigating.

The Price's plan to have the dog owners, Kelsey Douds and Greg Singletary from Bay County, to pay for the cost of the mini horse, the veterinarian bill, and the burial for the dog.

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