Walton County Medical Marijuana Land Use Regulations

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. - Earlier this evening Walton County Commissioners held a special workshop. The hot topic surrounded the issues with medical marijuana.




After approving medical marijuana in a previous board meeting, the County Commision is now looking at the next step of moving forward with the ordinance.

In today's workshop, Commissioners discussed medical marijuana land use regulations and where the best locations would be for dispensaries in the county.
Commissioner Nipper told us they are looking at the different locations carefully to best suit the needs of the Walton County residents.



"A study said the best would be one per 67,000 for it to be successful, but it is supply and demand. Supply and demand is going to drive it. We know our county is about 67,000 people but all the influx of tourism and a lot of people do still live in Florida. In our county, they will be able to buy medical marijuana," said Melanie Nipper, District 3 Commissioner.




Commissioner Nipper told us, "They are pleased with their decision to place one dispensary in the North end and another in the South end of Walton County.

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