Walton County Looking at 30A Alternatives

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. - As peak tourism season creeps closer and closer, the time-honored question of how to relieve traffic on County Road 30A in South Walton continues. At Tuesday night's County Commission meeting, board members looked at alternatives to help take cars off the road's busiest intersection.
"This was established as a need over ten years ago in the Genesis study in 2006," said Chance Powell with Public Works. "And the result of this study is that it's still needed."
Atkins came up with four potential alternative routes the county could pursue.
"These four alternatives were selected because of the traffic model that they did," said Powell.
Of the four, County Commissioners decided to pursue one of those Tuesday night. The route would skirt Seagrove development and dump out on C.R. 395. 
"This one showed the highest level of benefit to the intersection," said Powell.
Also at that meeting, Commissioners heard from residents on what they thought would help, including looking further east on 30A. 
 "If you moved it further to the east where Ms. Celeste has got it, it probably would go in there," said Commissioner Bill Chapman. "But try to figure out will it do anything as far as eliminate congestion at 395 because it's so far to the east?"
Commissioners decided to pursue both alternatives, asking Atkins to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.
"This process will identify how those negotiations and conversations will begin," said Powell.
Atkins will take the two options the Board wants to pursue and figure out the environmental and financial impacts of each. Staff said once Atkins completes this portion of the study, they'll have a better idea of how long it will take.

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