Walton County Continues Search for Beach Front Property

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. - Over the past seven months, Walton County has been looking to acquire more beach front property. In today's county commission meeting, an update on the search was presented along with a request for guidance and direction on what should happen next.

Visit South Walton's executive director, Jay Tusa, presented the commission with five areas where beach front parcels would be beneficial to the county totaling nearly $23 million. Although the board is interested in acquiring all pieces presented, there is only $16 million left in the budget for these kind of purchases. Tusa and the board agreed to work on negotiating the price of the properties before deciding on which parcels to purchase in the next meeting.

"What the board did today, they received some more information from the TDC looking at costs and looking at different properties. And the Board gave approval for the TDC to continue the process and move forward with three of those specific properties all of which could really be used to expand our regional beach accesses," explained Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for Walton County Board of Commissioners.

Staff will bring back more information on those properties to the next meeting where the Board of County Commissioners will decide which ones will work best with their budget.

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