Walton Co. Animal Control Officer Helps in Grim Situation

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. - The Walton County Animal Shelter is Officer Charles Eastling's headquarters, but his office is on the road.  

"You know a stray dog might be running loose, to cows in the road," said Eastling. "We have to respond and take care of the situation as the calls come in."

One of his most recent calls is proof that Officer Eastling indeed takes care of the situation when it comes in.

"It was the human thing to do," said Eastling. "Take care of a problem, if there is a problem."

The day before Christmas Eve, he responded to a caller in DeFuniak Springs concerned about two dead dogs wrongfully disposed of on the side of the road. 

"Somebody had put dogs into a dog food bag, and the other was in a some type of plastic bag."
The caller was upset to see the dogs discarded the way they were and was hoping to get them removed. However, since he lived on a private road, the county wouldn't be able to help. It's also against animal control's policy to pick up dead animals on their trucks.

"The children we're gonna see it, so that was one thing that led me to do what we did."

Eastling said his agency wouldn't be able to do any investigation into the dumping of the dogs, because they were so badly decomposed. He knew the best thing he could do to remedy the situation was to offer to the bury the dogs.

"He went and got two shovels from his house, and we dug the holes together, put them in the hole, and buried them," said Eastling.

The resident is forever thankful for Officer Eastling, and said he went above and beyond his job duties. While Eastling is grateful for the praise, he's unwilling to accept that it was anything more than just doing his job. 

"I'm glad he felt I did a good job," said Eastling. "I didn't do anything special. I just did whatever good human would do."

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