U.S. Air Force Works to Support FEMA's Relief Efforts from Tyndall

The Air Mobility Division (AMD) at Tyndall Air Force Base is controlling all air mobility efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to provide relief after the triage of hurricanes devastated the Atlantic.

BRIG GEN T.J. Kennett, the Director of Mobility Forces said they were working around the clock before the hurricanes even hit land.

"Since before Hurricane Harvey, they've been here doing 24/7 operations supporting air lift and air medical evacuation efforts and ground cargo movement support in the impacted areas." 

The AMD has been coordinating landings in the affected areas on a priority basis. 

Col. Dave Smith, the Chief of the Air Mobility Division said they're working with FEMA and the State to determine their priorities.

"It takes a whole team of people 24/7 to make sure we get the priorities in line with FEMA and the State, to make sure we get the right goods and supplies in there fast, and also at the right time," he said.

One of their many successes is providing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with a new radar after the systems were devastated.

"We've taken one of their generators and we were able to plan the load in two days which usually takes six months, identify an aircraft that there's only three of in the world that can help move this thing, and then we coordinated the schedule to get it in and out of Puerto Rico," Kennett said.

The General of the 101st Air and Space Operations group at Tyndall was also deployed to Puerto Rico and is helping the AMD determine what supplies are needed. 

Kennett expects the AMD will continue its efforts in Puerto Rico for the next two to three weeks.

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