Uber Drives Into Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Fla. - Move over cab drivers in Panama City Beach. Today, the City Council voted on a big change. Panama City Beach changed their vehicle for hire ordinance.

The City Council finally made a decision to allow Uber in the area. After several weeks of back and forth discussion, city officials say Uber has their stamp of approval to officially start transporting locals and visitors in the area.

"Well, their rules are completely different than cab companies and so it took a process to do it. And everything we have done maybe wasted because the State in July is fixing to pass state laws that will really depend on what's going to happen to them and may throw ours out," said Mike Thomas, Mayor of Panama City Beach.

After working with the other municipalities, the City presented it's new ordinance and are going to relax the rules for those types of businesses. 

Officials said they will allow Uber to operate until the State decides differently.


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