Tyndall Urges Preparedness, Announces HURCON 5 Status

Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. - As a result of Hurricane Irma the 325th Fighter Wing commander has advised the Tyndall community to remain vigilant.

HURCON 5 condition level has been declared as of 1:27 p.m. local time today. This warning level means the hurricane has become a potential threat to Tyndall with destructive winds possible within 96 hours.

Tyndall can increase its state of readiness to ensure the protection of all personnel and families. As potential weather threats develop, Public Affairs will update the base website, www.tyndall.af.mil, and the base Facebook page, www.facebook.com/325FWTyndall, with information and HURCON details.

There are several ways for Tyndall personnel and their family members to
prepare now. Airmen are required to ensure the accuracy of their information
in Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS). This
includes emergency contact information. 
Airmen and families should consider the following steps:
1. Monitor weather stations; check Tyndall website, social media.
2. Review family/personal plan.
3. Inspect/inventory shelter or evacuation kit.
4. Check vehicle; prescriptions and food.
5. Brief family members on situation.
6. Determine plan for pets.
7. Ensure vehicle and generator fuel tanks are full.

Below are the HURCON levels and weather conditions.

HURCON 5: Indicates destructive winds (winds above 58 mph) are possible
within 96 hours

HURCON 4: Indicates destructive winds are possible within 72 hours

HURCON 3: Indicates destructive winds are possible within 48 hours

HURCON 2: Indicates destructive winds are anticipated within 24 hours

HURCON 1: Indicates destructive winds are anticipated within 12 hours

HURCON 1C Caution: Indicates winds of 40-57 mph/35-40 knots sustained are

HURCON 1E Emergency: Indicates winds of 58 mph/35-40 knots sustained are

HURCON 1R Recovery: Indicates destructive winds have subsided and are no
longer forecast to occur; survey and work crews are permitted to determine
the extent of the damage and to establish safe zones around hazards (e.g.
downed power lines, unstable structures). Non-essential personnel remain

For additional information regarding HURCONS and preparedness measures visit http://www.tyndall.af.mil/Hurricane/.


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