Try This Chris With Eds Beach Services

Try This Chris With Eds Beach Services

PANAMA CITY, FL - It’s Wednesday which means time for another edition of Try This Chris. 

This time, I somehow talked my was into hanging out at the beach working with Eds Beach Services.

A friend of mine called up the station and said "hey you should come out and tend to the chairs and umbrellas with me that I put out everyday for tourists behind The Majestic". I thought. That should be fun.


Ethan Brown my trainer said he usually carries ten pads at a time. I don’t think I will be doing as many as Ethan.

I said I have to pace myself.  Most new guys will start with six.  It’s a good round number, divisible by three.

I dropped two pads so I just went with four, four is a good even number, divisible by two.

Ethan carries ten every time.

We had to do about 150 chairs.  It's exhausting.

So I took a break and told Ethan I was product placement testing. It is an important and integral part of the job. Making sure that each and every one is comfortable.

When we got finished with the pads for the chairs it was time to put out the umbrellas and again Ethan outdoing me.

After putting out pads and umbrellas for 150 chairs I decided I was going leave it with Ethan and headed  back to a job that I don’t have to sweat too much.

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