Try This Chris Pretzel Maker At Auntie Anne's

Try This Chris Pretzel Maker At Auntie Anne's

PANAMA CITY, FL - It’s Wednesday Which Means I Was At It Again.

This Week, I put my Pretzel making skills to the test as I helped out the folks at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Inside The Panama City Mall.

So we are going to make Pretzels, "I Love Pretzels. Do I Get To Do The Whole One For The Customer One For me Kind Of A Thing."

Apparently There Is A Lot More That Goes Into Preparing For The Day Than I Expected.

We Start By Making The Dough From Scratch.

First Step One Scoop Of Yeast. Then The Water and then Dough, The Whole Bag.

How Many Pretzels Will This Make? Ernest said, " About 100 Pretzels."

As I Found Out Actually Shaping The Dough Into A Pretzel, Takes A Little Practice.

That Did Not Work Out, Is That Close, Yes. Close Enough That Is A Winner.

After Making A Sufficient Amount Of Pretzels It Was Time For Something A Little Easier. Pretzel Nuggets. Regular And Cinnamon As Well As Mini Dogs And Pizza Pretzel.

How Did I Do?  So I Have A Job When I Retire From Tv Business? Ernest said "Yeah I Will Hire You."

I Know It’s Still A Work In Progress. The Flip And Twist I Will Get There. I Will Keep Practicing At Home And When I Come Back I Will Be Ready To Go.



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