Try This Chris Doggie Daycare Worker

Try This Chris Doggie Daycare Worker

PANAMA CITY, FL - It’s Wednesday which means Chris Marchand attempted another task that he’s not really suited for.


This week, Chris helping out the folks at Dagny and Dexters Doggie Daycare and Spaw.


The first thing one needs to know when working at a Doggie daycare is to dress appropriately.


Whats up Bam Bam. he will bear hug you. he’s a biggin what kind of dog is he. He is a new found land.


Once the excitement of a new face had worn off it was time for a dip in the pool.


Who wants a pool. I wanna go in the pool.


When pool time finishes for the morning.


It’s nap time. Snack time. Lunch time. So yeah they do nap time. that’s my favorite part of the day nap time.


Now in between all the days activities. Each of the guests will periodically have to use the rest room. This is where i come in.


We are on poop patrol which we found some it’s constant poop patrol isn’t it full time job this is how the grass keeps nice and green though it’s gods fertilizer. What did you say it’s a nice juicy one



Those are the perfect poop picking up shoes by the way yeah these are ideal aren’t they. Ready for lunch.

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