Try This Chris Car Painter

Try This Chris Car Painter

PANAMA CITY, FL - It’s Wednesday which means Chris Marchand attempted another task that he’s not really suited for.


This week, Roy Wilson and the folks at Bill Cramer Chevrolet let Chris attempt to paint part of a car….


Ok who thought this was a good idea?


One of the most important parts of painting cars is making sure you don’t breath in to many fumes. This is where the mask comes in.



Now it’s not just grab a can off the shelf kind of paint, it’s more like a scientific experiment. Measured in grams and every drop makes a difference.


All right so just out of curiosity what happens if i go over. Ok well put a little bit over. I don’t plan on doing that. I don’t want to do it. You asked the question i am going to show you. It has a way of making a mistake to fix it.


Once the six different paints are mixed into the container. We shake attach a spray nozzle and go to work


You can do whatever you want with it just don’t throw it on the floor.


Don’t be afraid to put it on there make it wet don’t stop just keep it moving. Around the edges your top side and around there there you go.

So go ahead and do the whole thing again. Yeah do the while thing start on the very bottom that’s it your getting the hang of it.



So how did i do. I think you did alright for the first time having your hand on a paint gun. So i noticed it was a small piece of the car. Yeah it was a piece that if need to be it could be corrected but i believe we will be able to install that fender on that car just the way it is. A successful day.  

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