Try This Chris Buddy Gandy's Seafood Market

Try This Chris Buddy Gandy's Seafood Market

PANAMA CITY, FL - It’s wednesday which means Chris Marchand attempted another task that he’s not really suited for.


This week, Chris helped out the folks at Buddy Gandy’s Seafood Market in Panama City.

When you walk into a seafood market like Buddy Gandy’s you see a nicely laid out display. What you might not know is the amount of work it takes to make that display.


The first task of the day was getting ice. A lot of ice.


It’s not full yet. oh.


Once we have our ice. The display needs fish. Let the filleting begin.


I start right here hook at the fin and work your way out the in your in bone.

There you go your is a lot nice. little bit of a difference that’s not mine that’s mine.


Once the display is ready. The final task of the day was organizing the freezer.

What we are going to do first we are going to move all the shrimp out of the way and put the new shrimp down first move all these boxes to the door.


It’s cold. Man it’s cold in here. Dog gone it’s cold in there how did I do on my cutting skills. You have some work to do. So i am going to starve then. As lone as you eat the parts. I am not eating the parts.

We go get some real food. You are welcome to take that fish with you.



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