The Bay County Sheriffs Department Holds Teen Driving Challenge

PANAMA CITY, Fla.- - The bay county sheriffs office is trying to make the roadways safer by hosting the teen driver challenge here in Panama City.

The bay county sheriff's office hosted the fourth Teen Driver Challenge Saturday.

The challenge is geared for teens who are getting ready to hit the road on their own.

"It's all about safety. That's the number one thing. This doesn't teach you how to drive. We just try to make you a safer driver," said deputy Mario Lupica.

The Florida Sheriff's Association partners with sheriff's offices to hold the free courses all across the state.

Students who are fifteen years or older with more than six months of driving experience learn to maneuver their vehicles in a safe, and cautious manner. 

"We kind of teach them where their limits are. We teach them the limits of their vehicle. That's the important thing. You've got to know how your vehicle performs and the limits of it so that you know where to be," Lupica said.

Bay County's Saturday class was made up of all girls, but deputies say they passed the different courses with flying colors. 

The challenge was broken into two parts. The day started with a two and a half hour classroom course and was followed by an interactive traffic course. The girls got to drive their personal vehicles through the same driving course that is used for law enforcement training. 

The students said they enjoyed getting to learn about different dangers of driving before they get their actual license.

The students were awarded with certificates of completion as they finished the challenge.

The bay county sheriffs office hopes to hold one more teen driver challenge before school starts back in August. To find out how to sign up visit 

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