TDC to Panama City Beach Visitors - "Make it Yours"

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - The Tourist Development Council has a new message for visitors - "Make it Yours."

"We want them to make Panama City Beach their beach," said Dan Rowe, TDC President.

Monday morning TDC members approved a new creative direction for their marketing campaigns. 

"One of the things that we know from all of our research is that people who come to Panama City Beach love Panama City Beach and they also are looking for that personal experience. How can my experience at the beach reflect my desires? and so 'Make it Yours' really does hit that," said Rowe.

The campaign breaks down their efforts of attracting visitors into four categories: family/beach, eco tourism, adrenalin and laid back/romance.

"So we can really start to personalize that experience," said Rowe. 

They will re-work the Visit Panama City Beach website and create new videos and advertisements for the beach using the newest technology like virtual reality and 360 degree cameras.

"The person who is the user is able to turn around and look in every direction to see what's around the corner, what's behind them, really will reflect more about the experience and we're going to take advantage of that," said Rowe.

The new campaign does hold on to some classic Panama City Beach branding.

"I mean, 'Real Fun Beach' is really the essence of Panama City Beach," said Rowe.

Luckie and Company knew how important it was to incorporate the "Real Fun Beach" brand into their "Make it Yours" slogan.

"Everybody that comes to Panama City Beach comes here to have fun so that brand is very important to us so it was critically important that we keep it going forward," said Rowe.

Luckie and Company predicts after production, they will be ready to launch the new campaign in May.

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