Tax Collector Employees Unite to "White Out" Lung Cancer

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - When Bay County Tax Collector Chuck Purdue was told to wear white to work , he went all out.

"This is what I envisioned so this is what we had to go with," Purdue said about his all white tuxedo.

Purdue and all employees at the department's four locations wore white Wednesday. The fashion statement certainly raised a lot of questions among customers but staff were happy to answer them.

"White is the traditional color for Lung Cancer Awareness so when the idea came forward among the senior leadership team to have a whiteout for lung cancer, everybody was fully on board because we want to love and support all of our employees," Purdue said.

The cause has become especially close to the employee's hearts as their coworker Leona Burton is fighting stage four lung cancer.

Burton isn't at her desk this week as she is undergoing testing at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Atlanta.

"We've been blowing up Facebook all day with videos and texts and pictures and emails," Purdue said.

To boost her spirits, the employees posted videos and photos of their white attire and handmade signs throughout the day on the Bay County Tax Collector, Chuck Purdue and Prayers for Leona Burton Facebook pages.

"I just felt the love. I started crying, tears of joy. It just made my day," Burton told Purdue over the phone.

"We love having her on our team, and we just want her to know that we're here thinking about her while she's there going through these tests," Purdue added.

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