Surgeon Executes First Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery in Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - For most people who undergo surgical procedures, pain management is a big concern. Bay County is now home to a new medical device that could transform surgical procedures. 

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is premiering it's latest surgical robot, the Mako.

"The Mako is a computer guided robotic system that is able to accurately position implants in hip or knee replacements," said Dr. Steven Goodwiller. 

Using CAT scan data it can perform more precise, less invasive surgical cuts. Several doctors are trained on the Mako robot and today the first total knee replacement procedure was done in Bay County"

Dr. Goodwiller is the first surgeon to use the Mako for a knee replacement surgery. 

"It's going to make the implant position much more variable and accurate and the long term results of a knee replacement depend on that," said Dr. Goodwiller. 

The more accurate the placement the more natural feeling and long lasting the replacement. 

"Surgery for any procedure can be painful and that's one of the things most people are concerned about is pain management after they have the procedure," said marketing director Brittany Cole. 

Doctors say the accuracy will help decrease patient pain. 

"It's going to be great for Bay County and it's going to improve patient outcomes," said Cole.

Anyone needing a knee or hip replacement is a candidate for the Mako but you have to consult with your doctor first. The Mako has been around for just over 10 years but this is the first in Bay County. 


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