State Presents Gaskey Interview During Trial


A man accused of murdering a Ponce De Leon couple in April 2015 was back in court before a judge and jury Thursday.

Joshua Gaskey is accused of the shooting deaths of both Glen and Jackie Brooks. 

During the second day of trial, the prosecution presented video evidence of Gaskey being interviewed the morning after the shooting.

Before the interview, Gaskey was arrested at a home in Pensacola by deputies from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

The more than hour-long video shows Holmes County Sheriff's lead investigator Capt. Micheal Raley and Lt. Tyler Harrison questioning Gaskey.

Nearly halfway into the video, Gaskey finally admits to how many times he fired the gun at the couple.

"Pops got it like, one or two times...and one of them got it like one or two- twice," said Gaskey.

The Brooks took Gaskey and his girlfriend, Sarah Carroll, into their homes to help them with their drug addiction.

The couple's son, Dale Hardin, was a friend of Gaskey's and made the arrangements for Gaskey and his girlfriend to move in.

During the interview, Gaskey talks about the type of relationship he had with the couple.

"I care about them because they're good people. They looked out for us they took us in their home...However at the same time, all they ever did was judge us," said Gaskey.

News 13 will continue coverage of the trial, starting tomorrow morning at 9:30.

If convicted, Gaskey faces the death penalty for the double murder.

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