Springfield Police Chief, Philip Thorne Resigns

SPRINGFIELD, Fla. - Chief of Police for the City of Springfield, Philip Thorne, resigned from his position after being put on paid administrative leave last week.

Mayor Ralph Hammond put Thorne on paid leave on Friday, following a complaint they received accusing Thorne of creating a hostile work environment.

"We had some complaints about his demeanor and conduct toward the other employees, so we put him on adminstrative leave until we got the investigation done with pay because I didn't want any interference or anyone feeling pressured either way," Mayor Hammond said.

The mayor said Thorne then handed him his letter of resignation on Monday.

"I wish some of the issues that we did hear would've been brought up earlier where we could've worked on the issues versus all of the sudden we got a major issue going on," Mayor Hammond said.

With Thorne's resignation, Mayor Hammond said the investigation is now suspended.

"He's moving on, I wish him the best of luck and maybe the issues could've been worked out, we'll never know now," he said.

News 13 tried to reach Thorne by phone, but the call went unanswered.

Assistant Police Chief, Barry Roberts, will be Springfield's Interim Police Chief until the city's elections in April when the mayor will appoint a new chief.

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