Southport Residents Concerned About Speeding Issues

SOUTHPORT, Fla. - Residents in Southport are not happy with how Bay County is handling a speeding complaint on their road. Those residents say they are concerned about the safety risk it brings to the neighborhood.

Joseph and Shannon Morris live on Raccoon Road, which runs south off of Skunk Valley Road. About a month ago, they say they began contacting the Sheriff's Office about drivers failing to abide by the street's twenty five mile per hour speed limit.

"We had a sherriff deputy come up to our house, and he said, if anything needed to be done, to get a petition, get everybody in the neighborhood to sign it, and that they would go from there," said Shannon Morris.

The Morris' turned the petition in with 13 signatures over to the county. Officials from the traffic department evaluated the roadway and concluded the vehicle traffic count and speed did not qualify the road for a speed hump. 

"There's a volume and speed measurement that we collect. You have to have at least 300 vehicles a day but no more than 3,000 vehicles a day, and your posted speed limit, your 85th percentile speed has to be at least 10mph over that," said Bay County Traffic Engineering Manager Marc Mackey. 

The Morris' also insist on increased patrolling of the area.

"We can't get them to come up - the Sheriff's Department. We've told them, I've told them, they can park in my yard to try to catch them speeding. They won't park in my yard. They say they don't have enough deputies," said Joseph Morris.

News 13 contacted Sheriff's officials, who released this statement, saying, "The Bay County Sheriff's Office has increased traffic enforcement in the area of Spikes Road and Skunk Valley Road, and will now include Raccoon Road. Major Ramie will reach out by phone to Mrs. Morris to address her concerns about speeding in her area."

The Morris' say that something must be done not only for the safety of their children - but everyone in the community.

"There's people that walk up and down this road. People that jog up and down this road. I don't want to see anybody get hurt," said Joseph Morris.

"You can replace roads and everything else, but you can't replace kids or adults," said Shannon Morris. 

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