Small plane makes emergency landing near airport

By Tiffany Jackson |

Published 07/29 2016 12:02AM

Updated 07/29 2016 12:02AM

Two pilots were sent to the hospital with minor injuries Thursday night after they had to make an emergency landing in their small plane two miles north of Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.
Bay County Sheriff's Deputies said the pilots were flying the private plane from Enterprise, Alabama and when they were almost to Panama City Beach, they started having engine troubles and had to act quickly.
The pilots realized they weren't going to make it to the airport and began figuring out where they could make an emergency landing.
They were flying above Pine Log State Forest and with no clear space or roads in sight, they started looking for the shortest trees.
The two were able to walk away from the crash, but their plane is a total loss.
"This could have been very, very bad. There was absolutely no clear spot, no clearings, no roads, no where they could put this plane down. It's dark now, but it's all trees, they picked the smallest trees they could find and did an amazing landing so they're very lucky," said Lt. Rob Ashman, Bay County Sheriff's Office.

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