Shirah Found Guilty for DUI Manslaughter

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Cody Shirah was found guilty for DUI manslaughter Wednesday afternoon. The jury reached a verdict after nearly two and half hours of deliberations.

Shirah was convicted for killing four Ohio softball players after t-boning their minivan on Pine Tree Road and John Pitts Road in September 2016.

Family members of Anthony and William Gouge, Eric Young, and Joshua Martin all gave their victim impact statements.

"We're sure that the four lives you took are just names to you. Young men that you didn't know until that night, but they were much more than that," said Martin's family.

"This is something that me and my family will have to live with for the rest of our lives, and I see absolutely zero remorse or ownership from Mr. Shirah," said Gouge's family.

"Sometimes the feeling of despair becomes too overwhelming because of their first born son didn't deserve to be taken away so soon," said Young's family.

Shirah's family also took a moment to appeal to the judge before his sentence, and before the victim's families.

"This was a tragic accident, and Cody would never take nobody's life. I pray for their forgiveness," said Shirah's mother.

Shirah also said he apologizes and would 'trade spots with all four of the victims'.

His other  convictions includes leaving the scene of an accident when sideswiping another driver on Highway 231, and driving under the influence and contributing to bodily harm for Craig Jackson.

Jackson was the only surviving teammate in the van. Shirah's sentence is a total of sixty years.

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