Setting a Good Example

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - It's not unusual for Bay County Deputy Dustin Roache to take a drive along the World's Most Beautiful Beaches every morning, waving and saying hello, to the beach goers he passes.
It's an effort to keep watch on the Gulf and everyone else enjoying it. It also gives him an opportunity to interact with the community he serves and protects.
"We have a lot of negative contacts with folks, obviously the nature of our job, and this is the brighter side of it," said Roache. "This is the stuff I really enjoy doing."
However, last week when he was driving along the beach with his windows down, greeting visitors, he got a special request. 
"One of the guys asked us, 'hey can you play volleyball with us?'"
His response? Game on. 
The sweet moment caught on camera with the kids and their family.
"I was in full uniform playing volleyball with them and it was a fun time," said Roache.
Roache can't refuse a good game, seeing it as an opportunity to shine a positive light on his profession and all of his brothers in green. 
"Stuff like this will make that difference and change a few people at a time, change their view of law enforcement," said Roache.
Roache was also training a new deputy and saw this as a teaching moment about the importance of community policing.
"We'll go out there and play games and but we also have a job to do."
A job he loves and one that spiked his interest at a pretty young age. He was first a Bay County Junior Deputy with a passion for helping people that's never went away. 

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