Seaside Neighborhood School Teachers Receive Best and Brightest

Seaside, Fla. - Some local teachers have been recognized by Florida's legislators for their outstanding efforts to educate their students.

Several schools in Northwest Florida are celebrating as some of their best teachers are recognized across the state. One of those schools is located right here in Walton County. Seaside Neighborhood School has not one but three teachers receiving recognition and a scholarship for their efforts.

"I just think it is really wonderful when you can acknowledge the hard work that teachers are putting in and give them the recognition that they deserve for a hard days work each day," said Principal Kim Mixson, Seaside Neighborhood School.

Each year, Florida's Department of Education recognizes teachers who have been evaluated as highly effective and earned college entrance exam scores in the top 20 percent.  Three teachers at Seaside School received the Florida Best & Brightest Scholarship.

"It just shows that we have a great team that's really committed to challenging not only our students but also ourselves to preform at our highest levels," said Brian Michie, Seaside Neighborhood School.

"Feels pretty good. It's just an affirmation of coming in everyday and looking after our students. We're making sure that we're always working hard and pushing ourselves to continue to achieve," said Joy Robbins, 7th & 8th grade language arts teacher.

Seaside Neighborhood School's principal told us this wasn't the only award they received recently. Five of their teachers were also acknowledged as high impact teachers, which are the math, reading or language arts teachers who rank in the top 30 percent, based on their students' "VAM" scores.

"The students' success comes not only from our classes and what we teach. It is a group, community effort here at Seaside Neighborhood School," said Sharon Martin, Seaside Neighborhood School. "All the teachers, as we cross a curriculum teach, we help each other and that in turns helps our students."

School officials told us they will continue to push their students to reach for higher as well as their other teachers.

"These are some great teachers. We have a great team here at the Seaside Neighborhood School. To have seven of our teachers identified either with the Best and Brightest or with the High Impact Award, we're extremely excited and grateful to have them here," said Principal Mixson.

Each one of the teachers told us they're excited and honored to get their award and will continue to reach high.

The Walton County School Board will recognize these teachers on Thursday, March 20, 2017 at the Walton County School Board meeting.

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