School Starts Early in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. - Franklin County students accomplished a "first" today. They're one of the first in the state to start school. School officials hope to take full advantage of the early start.

Franklin County School Class President Beyla Walker was ready for the school year to begin Monday.

"I was looking forward to seeing all my friends, all my teachers and old teachers. I'm looking forward to homecoming, all the school spirit," said Beyla.

Franklin County has one of the earliest start dates in the state of Florida, but there are a few reasons for that.

"Us having an earlier start date will allow us to teach all the standards and gives teachers the opportunity if there is something they need to go back and reteach they have the time to do that," said Principal Jill Rudd.

First year principal Rudd says the early start avoids attendance issues. 

"Starting in the middle of the week families will still be on vacation so we chose to start with a Monday start date and not begin with half days so they get their full instruction in the classrooms," said Principal Rudd.

It also means the fall semester will end before the Christmas break. But the early start didn't come without obstacles.

"A week ago we were short four math teachers. We did not have a math teacher for grades 6-12 for any of their math classes," said Principal Rudd.

With 21 new teachers and two extra assistant principals, Superintendent Traci Moses has high expectations.

"I believe in our students, our teachers, our administration, that is an obtainable goal, to be an "A" school," said Superintendent Moses.

"One of the things we're stressing is rigor this year in the classroom. So the only way to develop that is in the classroom with instruction beginning the first day in the classroom," said Principal Rudd.

Franklin County School has also upgraded their lobby and plans to transform an old gym into a bus barn. 


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