Rep. Jay Trumbull Discusses Hurricane Prep with Bay Co. Leaders

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Representative Jay Trumbull was selected to represent the Panhandle alongside house representatives across the state on a new select committee dedicated to hurricane response and preparedness.

Trumbull met with Bay County leaders and city leaders at the Emergency Operations Center to discuss the County's step-by-step process for hurricanes Wednesday morning.

He said they pointed out the successes the county had during the most recent storm Hurricane Irma.

"Our EOC folks and the county folks did a fantastic job taking the information that was out there from social media and implementing it to the general public to make sure the correct information was going out all the time," he said.

County leaders also discussed how they can improve certain issues like fuel availability and bridge closures.

"Rather than setting a low 40 miles per hour, maybe looking it at a indivualized basis maybe the hathaway bridge is closed at a different mile per hour rating than the midbay bridge so I think its very important for me to take the information I learned today to that select committee," Trumbull said.

With a tropical storm heading toward the Gulf of Mexico, Trumbull said this information will benefit hurricane preparedness on the state and local level.

"We are poised to handle a storm of any size, and hopefully this isn't a big storm -- but I had a call today with the National Weather Service along with the EOC to talk about some of our plans and hopefully implement some of the things that we have learned since Irma," he said.

Trumbull will bring what he learned from Bay County's leaders to the select committee in Tallahassee.

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