Problem Solver: Drivers Need Help at Intersection

Drivers asking for help

By Jerry Brown |

Published 10/20 2016 09:55PM

Updated 10/20 2016 11:53PM

 News 13 looks at concerns sent to us about a Bay County intersection.  During weekday mornings and afternoons, the area can be a real close call for some drivers.  Details in this week's Problem Solver.
A typical weekday during school drop off and pick up times at the intersection of Lisenby Avenue and Highway 390, otherwise known as St. Andrews Boulevard can be a headache for drivers.  Pete Schmidt tells us, "pretty much every morning. Traffic is bad here every day.  The light here is not real long... so I probably have to sit here another ten minutes before i can make the light...I am only five cars back."  And, according to Anni Nunnery, "it's very frustrating's about an hour every day.  Because there is not a turn arrow."  Bay County resident Tom Grant took it on himself to check the situation, "and Iheard a number of complaints.  So I came out here few days ago to see how legitimate is was and I found out it was far worse than they even told me."
Grant, who lives nearby, says the problem seems to be worse during the 7 to 8 a.m. hour.  He is concerned about all drivers through here...but he is particularly concerned about his family.  Grant says, "I am a father and a grandfather to people who have to cross this intersection."  The activity increased since the University Academy located on the old airport property opened and the creation of the Sweet Bay housing development.
Recently, when News 13 visited the area, we observed several vehicles trying to turn North on 390, without a turn arrow, taking chances at beating oncoming traffic.  One supply truck in particular turned right in front of a small car and we thought there would be an accident right before our eyes.
News 13 checked with the Florida Department of Transportation about the issue. Officials tell us the Highway 390 is part of the expanded Highway plan..six lanes that will come through here..but that work wont start until next year.  But, Tom Grant thinks something should be done before that time.  Grant told News 13, "I think my message to them may be one of your loved ones that dies at this intersection if we don't do something to at least limit some of the danger."
According to the Florida Highway Patrol, no crashes have occurred at the intersection recently.  But, as we saw, it is obvious unless something changes, the potential is there.  Requests have been submitted by News 13 and concerned drivers to FDOT to add a temporary left turn signal at the intersection until the traffic light is modified for the new six-lane highway.  If you want to share your concerns, contact FDOT in Chipley at (850) 638-0250. We will keep you updated on any changes.

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