Police investigate sexual assault at Graceville High School

By Keneisha Deas | kdeas@wmbb.com

Published 08/29 2016 07:40PM

Updated 08/29 2016 10:04PM

Authorities are investigating a student accused of sexually assaulting another student at Graceville High School.
According to police the incident happened last Monday.
The 18-year-old and 12-year old were talking in the hallway, and the conversation eventually lead to the boy's bathroom.
That's when police say the older boy allegedly touched the younger boy's private area.
"Once it was brought to my attention, law enforcement were contacted and they came on our campus and conducted their investigation," said Asst. Principal JuJuan Clark.
"While the mother was present we spoke to the 12-year-old who gave us pretty much the same story as the 18- year-old," said Lt. Jared Carswell.
Clark said administrators are always focused on students' safety, but now there's a heightened sense of security.
"You make sure that your students are number one, and keep your eyes on them, and make sure they're all safe from the time they exit the bus to the time they leave your campus," said Clark.
Both police and school officials are especially concerned about the well-being of the victim.
"I've spoken with the family also. We do have a primary goal also to protect the victim in this case from further [trauma]," said Carswell.
"...Do the best you can in addressing that. You know, show as much love as you can," added Clark.
The 18-year-old has been suspended from school and administrators are recommending the school board expel him.
Charges, including lewd and lascivious molestation, are pending as the investigation continues.

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