Pokemon Go boosts business in Historic St. Andrews

By Tiffany Jackson | tjackson@wmbb.com

Published 07/30 2016 11:29PM

Updated 07/30 2016 11:29PM

Businesses in Historic St. Andrews have noticed that foot traffic in the area has highly increased and they say it's all thanks to a smart phone game.
Many players that St. Andrews is the place to be if you're trying to catch 'em all.
If you've walked or driven through the are lately, chances are you've seen them.
"I've been coming out here maybe once a week for the last few weeks," said Jim Cashion, Pokemon Trainer.
"Every ten or 15 minutes there's somebody or a group of people walking by with their phones out," said Brad Stephens, Sunjammers Owner.
People playing Pokemon Go have taken over Historic St. Andrews and the businesses are loving it.
"We are Pokemon friendly absolutely. We're the St. Andrews arts metropolis and Pokemon is a great merging of art and design and game and community so year, we love the Pokemon players," said Heather Parker, Floriopolis Creative Director.
"We probably get 15-20 people a day that are playing that are coming in looking for a restroom, power or just our air conditioner so while they may not spend money now, we look at that as tomorrow money. So they're coming in their looking around and they're forming, you know, habits and they're going to come back to St. Andrews again," said Stephens.
Some are even using the app to bring players into their stores.
"I know very little about it, but we'll drop lures at the Pokestop, which attracts Pokemon and people will come to catch those Pokemon so it's a good way to kind of centralize those people to our store," said Stephens.
For players like Cashion who had been to St. Andrews very little before the game, it's helping them discover the unique little part of town. When they look up from their phones of course.
"It's a very nice neighborhood. When I move out of an apartment I might look to get a home in this area. It's just an all around good neighborhood," said Cashion.
Destination Panama City has announced on August 27th they will host a Pokemon Go hunt. They will release lures every 15 minutes at local landmarks, restaurants and businesses around the city.

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