Pilot Club hosts 6th annual Pancake Festival raising money for scholarships

By Tiffany Jackson | tjackson@wmbb.com

Published 02/07 2016 11:14PM

Updated 02/07 2016 11:14PM

The Pilot Club of Panama City flipping pancakes by the hundreds Saturday morning, all raising scholarship money for local students.
Over the last four years, the Pancake Festival alone has helped the Pilot Club award $15,000 in scholarships to local students. 
They may just be delicious breakfast food to most, but to the kids, pancakes mean a bright future.
"The proceeds will be going to scholarships towards anchor club students," said Jacob Haiman, Arnold High School Senior.
Each year, the Pilot Club of Panama City awards three, $1,000 scholarships to local anchor club members.
"Every bit of it comes from this alone. This is where we make all of that money," said Sandy Ingram, Pilot Club Youth Coordinator.
Hundreds of pancakes raised thousands of dollars, but the students don't just sit back and watch the money come in.
"They're doing the hard job. They are in the kitchen, getting the pancakes, running them out, getting the drinks, getting the refills, everything like that so they are definitely earning their keep," said Beverly Shean, Pilot Club President.
The local Anchor Club president used the Pancake Festival as learning experience for the members.
"Our motto is do more, care more and be more and that's what we're encouraging these anchors to do so it's a great opportunity to be out here sharing with the public and raise money for the scholarships that we give to them," said Shean.
A few ladies from Florida District Pilot International were even in attendance. They said Panama City has one of the more active clubs in the region.
"They sponsor four anchor clubs. That is a wonderful thing. We only sponsor one and that's a full time job so four anchor clubs, to touch that many young people's lives is amazing," said Caroline Fallis, Florida District Pilot International Treasurer.
"It's a lot of work to put these together, but to see all the community here supporting such a good fund raiser, it just, it makes me very proud," said Ingram.
The Pilot Club said once they award their annual scholarships, if they have any money left over from the Pancake Festival it will be donated to local agencies for brain-related disorders.

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