Pensacola Mayor Speaks Out About Removing Monument

PENSACOLA, Fla. - Just west of us in Pensacola, the Mayor says action should be taken concerning a confederate monument in his city. An online petition is calling for the confederate statue in Lee square in downtown Pensacola to be removed or relocated. 

However, a counter petition to keep the monument was also created and is bringing controversy. Wednesday morning, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward was in Panama City for the Triumph Gulf Coast meeting. He spoke in favor of taking action with the statue.

"Obviously any symbols of hate we completely do not agree with, we don't support that. And you know, that's my position," Pensacola Mayor, Ashton Hayward. 

Attorneys are examining what can and cannot be legally done with the monument, but there are conflicting opinions about its removal.

"The theory that we can go and rip up our monuments, that we can pretend that history didn't happen, is to me just idiotic," Florida Representative, Matt Gaetz.

Hayward says this wouldn't be changing history but rather condemning any forms of hate symbols. "History is incredibly important when you look at all facts of history but the critical thing here is when you're going to be discussing history of hate, those are things we do not want to support," said Hayward.

The fate of the statue honoring the confederate dead is still to be decided. Hayward says the city's attorneys started looking at a law to remove the statue yesterday. Whether it involves forming a committee or taking it to the city council, he's willing to do whatever he can to remove it. 


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