PCMI Students Take Water Samples to Test Health of the Bay

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Did you know that water samples of area Bays are taken every month? Those samples are important to the local environment and to the education the process offers local high schoolers.

From Massalina to Callaway Bayou...water samples are taken monthly. For over twenty years PCMI has been collecting this data for the University of Florida Resource Management Association. In fact, it's the only data of it's kind available for long term studies. 
"I said, you need to come out here and take a look at some of the environmental things were doing and take a look at how volunteers and people are working in the environment in Bay County," said PCMI Exec. Director, Ron Boyce.
 Representative Jay Trumbull was also there Monday. He learned first hand from the students collecting the data just how important it is to monitor the health of the Bay. 

"To be able to figure out and gauge what we're doing correctly and what we could be doing to correct some issues are some things that I'm really excited about and really proud of this group and the students of PCMI to really get engaged with, " Rep. Jay Trumbull.

By collecting these water samples and running various tests, researchers can use the monthly samples to determine long term effects on the bay and the environment. Students use high-tech gadgets to run tests on the temperature, PH and salinity of the water. 
"Honestly, this is an awesome experience to do this because I never thought that I would be out here with this equipment until I was probably in college or something," said PCMI Student, Laura Perez.
Representative Trumbull says it's important to monitor the health of our environment and it's great to see kids so young volunteering to help do just that. Bay County is one of the only counties in Florida that doesn't fund the actual process of collecting the data. So it's great to have these volunteers from PCMI helping to sample the water. 

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