PCFD Reminds People To Be Careful After Brush Fire

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Panama City Fire Department is reminding people to take extra precaution after a high fire danger shut down roadways Sunday afternoon. 
Firefighters extinguished the small fire in the wooded area on the 1800 block of Harrison Avenue near Airport Road.
Chief Battalion Daniel Snapp said the fire may have started from someone throwing a cigarette out of their car window.
He's urging people to take be mindful, especially with the dry and windy weather.
"It's a good time to remind everyone to don't discard anything that's burning out near a wooded area. With the high winds that we have today and the extremely dry conditions we've had at least for a couple of months now, we don't want any open flames; especially any discarded cigarettes on the side of the roadway," Chief Battalion Daniel Snapp.

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