PCBPD Requesting Single Wrecker Service to Quicken Emergency Responses

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - In serious accidents in panama city beach, wrecker services are called to assist at the scene.

The Beach police department is requesting they move from rotating between using four wrecker services to one.

As News 13's Alex Thorson tells us, the change aims to quicken response times and improve efficiency during emergencies. 

One spring break a few years ago, Panama City Beach's police officers tried using just one wrecker service instead of rotating between four for a change. 

"It worked extremely well. It's a lot easier for the officers knowing they have just one wrecker service out there," Drew Whitman, Panama City Beach's police chief, said.

That's just one of the issues with using multiple wrecker services for emergencies. 

"I get a lot of complaints when there's a wreck. [People think] that we're all just standing around doing nothing, but we are really just waiting for the wrecker service to get there," Whitman said.

The wait is a safety concern for officers out on the roads and halts traffic.

At the request of the police department, Panama City Beach city officials are raising the standard with a new set of requirements. 

A required twenty minute response time is just one. 

"Everything from a small environmental clean up, to providing back up, to traffic control, to pick up of garbage, and picking larger vehicles that turn over. This is an all inclusive wrecker service," Mario Gisbert, the beach's City Manager said.

White's Gulf County Wrecker Service responds to many of the emergency calls.

"We're the only ones that has the semi wrecker, the only one's with lowboys, the only one's with hazmat clean up," Bubba White, the owner, said.

Officials hope that choosing one service will decrease the time it takes to clean up accidents and get traffic flowing quicker. 

The city manager will be accepting bids from wrecker services interested until march 23rd. 


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