PCB Surfers Take Advantage of Big Waves

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. -         The waves in Panama City Beach were up, but that was really the only sign of Hurricane Nate Saturday night.

       Double red flags were also up, but despite the warnings a few people seized this opportunity to surf the waves as the storm headed towards the Gulf Coast.

         "You can't really wait," said Panama City Beach surfer Henry Erbinger.

        "You just gotta get it when you can," added another PCB surfer Josh Lieberman.

        They say the best time to be out on the water, is before a storm makes landfall.

        "Usually when the hurricane is out, a couple hundred miles out or at the bottom of the gulf. So right before it impacts us," said Lieberman.

        However because of Nate's speed, surfers say they were only able to catch a couple waves.

        "You know during the hurricane seasons, the best time to surf is in the winter when cold fronts come. So it's always bad when you're surfing pretty much," said Lieberman.

        Some surfers say hitting the waves is just second nature.

        "I've been playing on the water so it's just one of those things that came naturally I guess," said Erbinger.

        Whether surfers are two or twenty year veterans, one rule remains.

        "Gotta wear a leash," said Lieberman.

         Beach visitors should also keep in mind that when there's double red flags, the water is closed to the public.

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