PCB Code Enforcement Introduces New Phone App for Residents

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - Panama City Beach's Code Enforcement Division strives to keep the city clean from the sandy beaches throughout the neighborhoods. Now with a free app, residents can upload pictures and comments in seconds, anywhere.

There are too many reasons to count for why Bay County is home to the world's most beautiful beaches. Panama City's Beach's code enforcement officers are a few of those reasons. 

"We just go out and make sure the neighbors are staying clean, making sure the grass is being cut, making sure your neighbor's pool isn't green and mosquitos aren't eating up everyone in the neighborhood," James Tindle, one of the city's code enforcement officers, said.

The division hopes to simplify how residents report code violations around their neighborhoods. 
They believe the city's purchase of a software called iWorQ will do that.

"We are just trying to stream line the process of people making complaints and getting things answered quickly," Tindle said.

iWorQ calls the app "Citizen Engagement", and says, on their website, that the service makes communication between government staff and citizens more efficient. 

After downloading the app, creating an account, and entering the city's code "Pan01", residents can just take a photo and submit. 

"We'll definitely check it out. I mean if it's something, we'll get on it. If not, we will let you know what we found out either way," Tindle said.

Other cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Kennesaw, Georgia, also provide the iWorkQ app for their residents.

"[We want to] just get things taken care of so people can get back to their normal life and their neighborhood looking good," he said.

The service is now available for free in the app store for Apple devices and Google play store for Android devices. 

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