PC Commission Considers Skateboard Ban in St. Andrews

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - The Panama City commission heard a new ordinance Tuesday after St. Andrews area business owners offered concern of the safety on their streets. If voted upon, skateboarding will be prohibited in the St. Andrews area. Local skateboarders say it would take a special place away from them. 

"Going out and the aesthetic of just rolling around with that nice breeze and everything. That's really what is enjoyable about that area so if they take that away, that's just really going to destroy us," Gaven Woodard, an employee at Anchor Skate Shop, said.

The ordinance states that skateboarding will be,"prohibited in the area defined as south of 15th street, east of Mulberry Avenue, west of Magnolia Avenue, and north of St. Andrew Bay and Massalina Bayou. The use of skateboards shall also be prohibited in the area defined as the business district of St. Andrews."

I asked several local officials and commissioners for clarification on the proposed banned areas.

All of them either declined comment or were unavailable. Commissioner Billy Rader did tell me, however, that the city has been trying to build a new skate park for years. Some doubt it will happen. 

"I don't think that's going to be something that comes up because I don't think that's something the city cares too much about," Woodard said.

Skateboarding in Downtown Panama City is already prohibited. The local skateboarder says there are already too few areas to skateboard. 

"There [are] some decent skate spots around town but since we can't skate, it just sucks you know? We don't want to go out and risk getting arrested or our boards taken," Woodard said.



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