Parker Police Department Adds K9 to the Team

PARKER, Fla. - Dogs may be your furry companion at home, but to a police department, they are just as important as any other officer. After months without a K9 on their team, the Parker Police department is happy to welcome their newest addition. 
They protect, they serve and they bark! These furry heroes may look cute at first, but their work is serious business, and after nine months without a K9 at the department, Lykin is being welcomed with open arms. 
"I am very excited for this experience, it's going to be nerve-wrecking but it's going to be fun and great for the agency," said K9 Officer, Mikaela Strickland. 
Lykin is officer Strickland's first K9. For nine weeks, the two were away for training and had to learn how to be a police dog team from square one. However, Lykin isn't the first K9 at Parker, two dogs were retired last year for medical reasons and finding a replacement has been a long time coming. 
"It took us a little bit of time to be able to find another dog, and another school to go to and to get into a position where our department could handle having an officer gone for so long," said Parker Police Chief, Dennes Hutto.
Lykin is now able to detect narcotics, track missing people and individuals who flee from the scene of a crime. With this new member of the team, Lykin will be a valuable asset.

"We're excited to have Lykin as part of or new family here and you know, he IS a police officer," said Hutto.

At only a year and three months old, this lively addition to the department will be around for a while. Lykin is fully certified to do narcotic work and tracking on the road, but officer Strickland says they will be getting certified through the United States Police Canine Association as well on October 19th. 

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